Cyber Security On A Different Level

Cybia provides advanced cyber security services built from years of experience in the field. Our team consists of a-team members only who aims at bringing the highest level of security.

Hundreds of organizations worldwide trust Cybia

Proactive Defense

Assess your organization’s security posture with an adversarial approach to expose gaps, vulnerabilities and risks that can be transformed to a real cyber attack.

Threat Response

Detect, respond and contain cyber-attack on your organization with incident response and breach assessment. detect any threats and breaches on your organization’s perimeters.

Cyber Attack Simulation: Red teaming

Full-Scale realistic cyber-attack-simulation that uses every possible way to breach the organization’s environment. Test the organization’s security systems, awarness level, cyber resilience, SOC and more. This is something every organization with the correct maturity level should pick in order to test their environment against a highly advanced Hacking simulation. 

penetration testing

Test your systems, environments, and people in a scenario-based approach. We will design an engagement suited to you to evaluate the effectiveness of your current security implementations. The following are the penetration tests that Cybia offers:

  • Web application penetration test
  • Mobile application penetration test
  • External Penetration test
  • Internal Penetration test / Vulnerability Assessment
  • Social Engineering 
  • IOT Penetration Testing
  • Purple Team Testing (Adversary Simulation)  and Tailored Scenario based testing
Security Assessments

We will assess your current security posture and security program through a process of questionnaires and tests to understand the current posture and gaps and give you a plan on how to improve your overall cyber security posture. Cybia offers different assessment to tailor the specific company’s needs according to its cyber security maturity level. These are the security assessments that we offer: 

  • Risk Assessment 
  • Security operation center development and support
  • Employee Awareness Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Wireless Network Assessment
  • Response Readiness Assessment
incident response

Intelligence driven incident response of all types of cyberattacks and threats that are confirmed. We will respond swiftly to minimize impact and give you an effective recovery plan

breach assessment

Analyze and monitor core areas of network and endpoints to detect and contain suspected malicious activities and breaches on your perimeters. Our experts are able to find the needle in the haystack and detect the most advanced attacks.

threat intelligence & research

Mapping your company’s ongoing threats and develop a strategic plan to cope with them in the long term

our advantages

Driven Cybersecurity Experts

Our team are highly trained experts specialized in different fields and driven to succeed in every scenario they meet.

360 degree security solution

We don’t just secure an application technology or network, we secure your whole company. 360 degrees protection from Cyber threats.


Our team holds industry leading certification, specialized in proactive defense and threat response solutions.

we know how the adversary operates

Based on years of experience in cyber security threat intelligence and analyzing cyber attacks and incidents, we know how an adversary operates, which techniques he would pick to attack your organization. We implement this experience into our work.

Test Your Security Level Today

Let Our Driven Experts Test And Improve Your Security Level With Our Unique Approach. 

Our featured case 

cyber attack simulation: red teaming

Breaching government tax systems

Have you ever thought about how governments were breached? Then go ahead and read about how Cybia did it. We bring you a glimpse of how we operate during our red team engagements.


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