Proactive Security Services

Penetration Testing

A proactive measure to identify vulnerabilities and security risks before they can be exploited by an adversary. By conducting regular penetration testing, you can ensure that your company's sensitive information, such as financial data and customer records, are protected, Our expert team at Cybia, uses the latest tools and techniques to simulate real-world attacks and provide you with a comprehensive report of the findings, along with recommendations for remediation. We offer penetration testing of web and mobile applications, networks and smart solutions.

Red Teaming

A Red team assessment is a comprehensive security evaluation that simulates a real-world attack on your organization's systems, networks and personnel. It is a valuable tool for identifying vulnerabilities and evaluating the effectiveness of your current security measures. The red team at Cybia, composed of experienced security professionals, will use advanced techniques and tools to test your organization's defenses, from the perspective of an attacker, in order to provide you with a comprehensive and realistic assessment of your security posture

Security Validation

Evaluate your organization's security controls, policies and procedures against industry standards and best practices to ensure that they are providing adequate protection for your organization's assets. Our security validation covers all aspect of your security including, but not limited to, networks, systems, web applications, and organizational procedures.

Purple Team Assessment

Evaluates the effectiveness of your incident response plan and the ability of your security team to detect and respond to an attack in a timely and effective manner. This will give you the confidence that your organization is well-equipped to handle any security incident.

Threat Response

Cyber Incident Response

Identify, contain and mitigate the impact of a security incident and recovering it quickly and effectively minimizing damage and minimizing the risk of future incidents. By choosing Cybia's incident response service, you can have the peace of mind that your organization is well-prepared to handle any security incident, and that your organization's critical assets are protected. Don't wait for a security incident to happen, be proactive, and choose Cybia's incident response service today.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Managed detection and response (MDR) proactively monitor your organization's network for potential threats and provides real-time response and remediation and includes:
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Real-time incident response
  • 24/7monitoring and protection
  • Customized security solutions that meet specific needs
  • Regular reporting and analysis to help you understand the nature and scope of the threats facing their organization.